How the Factom Core Works

A comprehensive introduction to the technical details of factomd and how it works.

Getting Started

This guide is intended for people interested in learning to make contributions to the Factom ecosystem, either to the core codebase or not, and are new to the community. This guide will take a comprehensive approach and offer information to explain how the factom core works, both in some of the smaller details and the bigger picture. We will be following something akin to user stories to ensure context is provided for the packages discussed.

You can jump right in and start reading. Also, be sure to fork a copy of factomd to read alongside.

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Thanks for considering contributing to this guide! Please visit the About page for nformation on ways to contribute.

What if things get outdated?

If a part of factomd has undergone a rewrite or refactor, a notice will be placed on the page to let you know the chapter might be outdated. When the chapter is updated the notice will be removed.